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Our projects and achievements

Travaux de compactage sur la chaussé vers le PK 10
Rechargement et nivellement pour la mise en place de la couche de roulement vers le PK 10
Opérations de chargement a la carrière au PK 8
Construction work of the buildings of the administrative block of the military school of Manéah (In Progress)
T8 and T9 channel laying work in Conakry (In progress)
Concrete sampling and testing (In progress)
The geotechnical team for the sampling and testing of concrete, as well as the soil analysis.
Transport of a compactor and a concrete mixer for the Siguiri urban road construction site (In progress)
Delivery of equipment and materials to the Siguiri urban road construction site (In progress)
Earthworks in Siguiri (Ongoing)
Transport of molds for making channels in Siguiri (In progress)
Casting work for the 25th scupper in Macenta (In progress)
Installation of gutters and insitu pouring of scuppers in Siguiri (In progress)
Dialakoro earthworks (In progress)
Administrative building Maneah Military School (Ongoing)

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