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About Us


Our vision

At I.C. Transport BTP, we have developed a vision of becoming a key player in the construction, logistics and transport sector. The quality of our work and our involvement in our services are an important source of satisfaction. The sustainability of our company will thus be guaranteed.

Our Mission

The mission of IC Transport BTP is to carry out road, construction, transport and logistics projects of all sizes and of high level for the full satisfaction of the requirements of our customers while providing them with quality solutions and services adapted to their various needs.


Our customers

We are committed to working with our clients in a spirit of partnership, in order to improve our services and adapt them to their changing needs. Our action is exclusively oriented towards their satisfaction, they are at the center of our reflection. This serious work allows us to increase the trust capital of our customers.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers and subcontractors are considered to be our partners with whom we negotiate in a spirit of frank collaboration. We require them to respect the standards and the quality of the products supplied as well as to respect the deadlines, so that we can offer a quality service to our customers.

Our collaborators

We provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment that promotes optimal performance of the tasks entrusted to them. We want enthusiastic and motivated employees who mobilize their skills in order to continuously improve our processes and ensure the sustainability of the company. Our corporate culture encourages respect for people and valuing each other’s work.

Health and security

By making health and safety a reflection and a constant concern, we aim for “zero incidents”. Our strategy is to anticipate and reduce risks (particularly in terms of occupational accidents and environmental nuisances) but also to promote accountability and well-being at work through compliance with HSE standards. We train our employees according to the safety standards in force and according to the internal safety regulations.

Word from the CEO!

Formerly dedicated to transport, IC Transport has seized business opportunities to develop and has become a versatile, multi-sector and competitive company. This is an evolution of which I am proud.

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Our vision, our mission and our values ​​are at the service of your development.

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